Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions shall apply to all contracts with BEAM Coaching & Consulting Ltd. (the "Company") for the provision of Consultancy Services and any derogation or amendment to them must be agreed to and accepted by the Company in writing.


Quotations and acceptances shall be in written form, either signed personally by the Client or forwarded to the Company by fax or email. In the latter case, the Company shall confirm receipt of the acceptance to the Client by return fax or email. Quotations shall remain valid for a period of four weeks and the Company reserves the right to review its quotation if acceptance is not received within such period.

Normal Working Hours

Consultancy Services relative to any assignment shall be generally provided during the normal work day, which is calculated as 8 hours a day. Any extra hours will be chargeable at an extra hourly rate. Any part day will be reduced accordingly.

The initial meeting with the Client required to discuss the parameters of the assignment and the requirements of the Client shall be at the cost of the Company. All further time employed by the Company shall be chargeable time to the Client.

At any time before the commencement of or during the assignment, in the unlikely event that the Company has to re-schedule the days or make changes in the overall assignment, it shall as soon as possible, inform the Client of the reasons for the having to make the said changes and discuss with the Client the modifications involved.

Substitution of Consultants

In the event that a consultant engaged through the Company is unable to honor the assignment, the Company, after informing the Client at the earliest opportunity, shall be bound to engage another consultant with equal qualifications. In the event that the Client requests the Company to substitute a consultant, any costs involved shall be borne by the Client unless such request is clearly attributable to any fault of the consultant engaged by the Company.

Co-operation of the Client

As the timely performance of the assignment is important to both the Company and the Client, the Client shall agree as to a time frame in which it is to provide to the Company the documentation and information, and/or availability of staff subject to the assignment. Failure on the part of the Client to honor such a time frame may be viewed as a cancellation by the Client of the assignment and all costs arising out of the delay may be charged to the Client.

Estimated Schedule

If during the assignment it becomes evident to the Company that a re-estimation of the schedules or of the services is required in the interests of efficiency and saving to the Client, the Company may reduce the agreed services by giving the Client proper notice and report of its decision. In such a case, the Client will be entitled to a reduction in the agreed assignment price proportional to the reduction of the consultancy hours.

The Company retains the right to charge 5% over estimated costs relating to reimbursements of travel, printing, and photography costs based upon actual increase in the said costs.


The Consultancy Services provided to Clients are designed to facilitate the Client and its staff in achieving an improved level of insight and handling of available personal and commercial resources, however, the success of the assignment depends upon the personal and actual response from the Client and its staff. Accordingly, the Company is unable to warrant that each Client or member of its staff will respond positively to the services.


The Client shall honor the date of payment of the Company's invoices, which will be in the Euro currency. The said date or dates of payment shall be agreed and specified in the quotation. Should the Client fail to honor any of the agreed payments on their due date, the Company may exercise the option of deeming the non-payment as a cancellation by the Client. The Company will only deem so if no reasonable explanation for the non-payment is forthcoming from the Client.

It is usual for the Company to request pre-payment of part or whole of the agreed price to accompany an acceptance of the quotation.

Cancellation by the Client

Once the quotation is accepted by the Client, any cancellation of the assignment by the Client or any deemed cancellation as described above, shall render the Client liable for the following cancellation fees payable to the Company, as follows:

  • if cancellation takes place 12 weeks or more prior to commencement of the assignment, 20% of quotation price;
  • if cancellation takes place 6 weeks or more prior to commencement of the assignment, 60% of quotation price;
  • if cancellation takes place anytime thereafter prior to the completion date of the assignment, 80% of the quotation price.

The cancellation fees are pre-liquidated damages and the Client waives all discussion of review of such damages judicially. The Company may in addition request the Client to make good for any cancellation fees it may bear in respect of the consultant's pre-booked accommodation or travel costs.


The Company, and the Consultants engaged by it, shall be bound to keep absolutely confidential all information about the Client, its business, its staff, and without prejudice to the foregoing, the Company is bound by the provisions of the Professional Secrecy Act. The Company shall within three months of the end of the assignment destroy all personal and confidential data, and may only retain statistical data of its assignments, and only in a form where client anonymity is guaranteed.

The Client may only use the information of method and the materials it acquires from the Company or its Consultants for the purposes of the assignment. Any other use shall only be permissible with the prior consent of the Company.

The above shall also apply to any separate agreement whereby the Company is engaged to carry out a post assignment evaluation of the Client and its staff.

The assignment shall not convey any copyright to or from the Company and the Client.

Website of the Company

The information on the Company's website may be changed at any point of time. Its contents are designed to give introductory information and do not constitute an offer or a quotation. The Company's logo/name may not be used without the Company's prior consent.


Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, any dispute arising out of these terms and conditions and of any quotation or assignment shall be governed by Austrian Law and the Courts of Austria shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

In the event of any discrepancies between the language versions of this document, the English version shall prevail.

Code of ethics

Coaches/Trainers and Consultants who work and act on behalf of BEAM Coaching & Consulting Ltd., its subsidiary or franchises are in line with the "IFC Code of Ethics".

BEAM Coaches are committed to honor the client's prime interest in his/her private and professional life during all coaching, training and consulting services.

BEAM Coaches are aware that its clients are capable of acting creatively and independently. Accordingly, every BEAM Coach will:

  • Identify each client's goal which is most suitable to the client;
  • Encourage each client to detect his/her own abilities and to discover him/herself;
  • Support clients in developing new strategies and finding their own solutions;
  • Respect unreservedly the autonomy of each client during all coaching, training and consulting services.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership in which the Coach assists the Client in achieving personal or professional goals, in a personal and strictly confidential manner. Coaching enables the Client to discover new scope, improvement of skills and the quality of life.

The Client chooses the topic and main focus of the coaching while the Coach listens carefully, observes and asks specific questions. The objective of these questions is to increase clarity and explore alternatives.

Coaching accelerates the progress of a client by revealing new possibilities to the Client. The BEAM Coach concentrates on defining the "status quo" and determining the willingness of the Client to precipitate changes in order to reach the defined goal.

Ethical Principles

Every BEAM Coach, and every professional Coach who trains, coaches or consults on behalf of BEAM Coaching & Consulting Ltd., is obliged to adhere to the Ethical Principles in dealing with clients, colleagues and any third party.

Every BEAM Coach undertakes to abide by the following Principles and Etiquette and to respect all clients, colleagues and partners of BEAM Coaching & Consulting Ltd.

Ethical Principles and Etiquette for BEAM Coaches, Trainer and Consultants:

As BEAM Coach/Trainer/Consultant:

  • I am bound to act correctly and to desist from any act which could negatively affect BEAM Coaching & Consulting Ltd. or the Profession;
  • I will present my qualifications, specialization and experience in a fair and correct manner;
  • I will ensure that the Client has understood all the respective terms and conditions;
  • I will not promise to the Client, at any time, results that I cannot guarantee;
  • I bind myself to utmost confidentiality and secrecy with regard to any business practices or secrets of the Client or BEAM Coaching & Consulting Ltd. I will not make use of such information or advice to clients or other interested persons, as I know that this information is confidential and that I am not authorized to disclose it;
  • I understand that I am bound by professional secrecy for my lifetime and that disclosure may not be made without the prior written consent of the Client via BEAM Coaching & Consulting Ltd. Should I have such an authorization from the Client, I am obliged to immediately forward it onto BEAM Coaching & Consulting Ltd.;
  • I will never pass on references to any Client without the prior written consent of BEAM Coaching & Consulting Ltd.
  • I will be responsive to the Client's level of satisfaction and shall recommend a colleague should I feel that the cooperation with the Client is not achieving its expected outcome. In such case I shall inform BEAM Coaching & Consulting Ltd. immediately;
  • I will avoid any conflicts of interest between myself and a client;
  • I will discuss any kind of conflict immediately with the Client in order to reach an agreement about how it can be dealt with in the most agreeable kind of way;
  • I undertake to disclose any payments or emoluments I may receive from third parties, realized through recommendations of such or advisory services to clients, to BEAM Coaching & Consulting Ltd. within an appropriate time frame;
  • I will abide with all agreements between myself and the Client and will inform immediately in writing BEAM Coaching & Consulting Ltd. of any breach or discrepancy thereof;
  • I will respect all Copyrights, Trade Marks and any rights of intellectual property pertaining to others;
  • I will adhere to the above Principles and Etiquette and will explain them to any client upon request and assure them of my commitment to following them.